[5 Sept] Teachers Day Speech In Hindi, English by Student

Teachers Day 2017 Speech In Hindi & English Language: Teachers are the backbone of our future, speech for teachers on teachers day will be start but before that lets discuss, who is teacher? Why we respect teacher even if they scold or beat us. My friends let me talk about the views about teachers cycle which goes same in every student life. In my student life i never thought that there is any contribution of teachers day and refuse to give speech on teachers day, the views was that this is the duty of them and they are getting paid for their duty so from where this word of God can be relate to the teachers. But when i grow up i start missing the hard efforts done by the teachers, their duty is only just to teach us not guide and and tell our mistakes.

Teachers day is the day of all teachers so celebrate this day with love by sharing your love in form of words. They criticize us so that we can do something by feeling shame and what we do we take that in negative and start watching that teacher as our enemy. That is our age, everything is same for students on that stage today i am sharing my views so that you do not keep such feelings with the teachers and prepare a seech for teachers day 2017 which is on 5th sept. “This or that teacher do something with me personally” this is the false statement my friends, teachers are those who come to home and think about you specially for the toppers and failures how to improve them more so they can do more better and achieve success in their lives.

Emotional Teachers Day 2017 Speech For Sir, Ma’am

Teachers day speech for Ma’am: Good Morning Mam today i want to share my views on my class teacher who was my backbone and supported in studies always which is the only this i have in this stage, if i will call your God then it will suit you because you do the same job, you give us blessings, build our future and the main work which is awesome that you tell us about our mistakes. When i join school what i was knowing, it was simply nothing. I started everything with the surroundings of teachers. Forgive me is i have done any mistake by treating me your son/ daughter.
The secret of teachers is they are like coconut, hard from outside and hides lots of love which they do with us always.

Teachers Day Speech for Class Teacher : Good Morning Sir, today i want to speak in Hindi which is our native language. Aadirniye Adhaypak aaj ye speech apko dhanayewad krne ke liye hai, jo aap log hamare future ke liye kerte hai vo bahut hi mehatav hai. Agar humse koi galti hui ho to hum shama chahte hain. Teacher ki tulna bhagwan se ki jaye to ye galat nhi hai qki aap ka bhi saya waisa hi hai jo jiwan badal deta hai, aap mahaan hai jo apne ye job chuna hai. Hum to apko return me kuch nhi de sakte fir bhi kuch tohfe hum sab laye hai aapke liye jinhe agar aap swikar karenge to hame acha lagega. Pehle na jaane hame aisa kyu lagta tha ke teacher but daat sakte hai aur apni chalate hai parentu jab maine socha ke bacche jo bulandiyan chu rhe hain vo bhi to teacher ke wajah se hai. Agar vo daat te ya marte hain to isko bura maan na sabse badi bhool hogi hamari. Tahe dil se mere class teacher aur sabhi teacher ko Teachers Day 2017 ki shubh kamanaye.



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