15 August Independence day Speech In Hindi-Telugu

15 August – Independence day Speech Essay In Hindi, Telugu – In this post you will get the best speech on 15 august speech In Hindi or Independence day speech In Telugu. In Our this post we consider about all the speech by teachers, children, student and principle. Just read our full articles on independence day and you will get to know about the best speech.

As we think about history of india. India get in the rules by many king and the most famous was Mughal Empire and British. Britishers get In India by the ships when the britisher arrives india. he came as like an visitors but in actual they were not came there as an tourist he wants to rule in india. and one by one he took all he charges in india and arrest the one who was opposing the britisher rule in India. and after many movement of Independence. India get the Independence in 15th august 1947 from the britisher rule.

The Movement of Gandhi In Independence Of India – Moham das Karam chand Gandhi took many movement for the india Independence. when he arrive India he saw all the indians are in the british rules and all indians are in poor condition and Britisher living a royal life. after seeing this he took many movement to get the independence

And the most famous Movement took by Gandhi is

Civil disobedience movement

Quit India Movement

India Independence

and at the time of India Independence Movement subhash chandra bose, Dr Rajendra prasad, Sardar vallabh bhai patel, Mangal pandey came forward top help gandhi for India Independence.

And Finally On 15 august 1947 India get the Independence and our nation become free from the British rules.

Independence day Speech In Hindi

Below is the Independence day speech In Hindi. And Below Speech is for both students and teachers.

Independence day Speech In Telugu

Below is the 15 august speech in Telugu. Hope that you will all liked the speech and also share this speech with your friends. so they can also make their best speech on independence day

Hope that you liked the Independence day speech in hindi or telugu for more speech please visit our sites daily and if you want any special speech then please tell us in the comment box and we will be back with the latest speech on independence day


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